Polyester fiberballs
Polyester fiberballs

Polyester fiberballs

  • 100% polyester material in white color
  • Also known as hollow fibre and siliconised polyester balls
  • Lightweight, soft, breathable and warm filling
  • Suitable for pillows and upholstered furniture
  • Quickly returns to its original shape after compression
  • Doesn't clump together or flatten after long-term use
  • Antiallergic - does not cause allergic reactions
  • Doesn't smell or absorb other odors
  • Easy to wash as it does not absorb water and dries quickly
  • Packed in a plastic bag
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Polyester fiberballs

filling: 100% polyester
color: white
packaging: plastic bag
polyester fiberballs
200 g
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Polyester fiberballs

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Order polyester fiberballs at an affordable price!

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